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"I first got my cellphone etched there. It turned out so nice that I etched my laptop too. Now, my laptop is AMAZING! Everybody notices it and people even come up to me and ask how I got it customized. As for the polishing service, i'll definitely try it out... it'll save me from spending hundreds just to get another iPod."


RHINA - November, 2008



"TECH ART:Looking to add some artistic flair to your favorite

tech items? Check out!"


FLARE MAGAZINE - November 2008




"We love this approach to taking care of what you have, keeping it nice for its useable life. [...] the etchings are pretty cool too!"



"Happy with our nick-free, image-enhanced laptop, we set about perfecting the rest of our world - one scratch at a time."


SWEETSPOT - October 2008



"Ils sont le premiers au Québec à offrir le service de gravure au laser pour tous vos gadgets Mac ou autres."


MACQUÉBEC - July 2008




"...j’ai vécu l’expérience Etchpression et que entre-vous et moi, ce fut une bien petite somme d’argent investit pour voir mon logo sur mon ordi. Comme dirait l’autre “Beau, bon, pas cher”. Prochaine étape, le iPhone!!!"


À LA BASE 2 - December 2008


Featured album


CROMA DESIGN - November 2008


Etch design