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How does laser
etching work?

Our laser etching process uses a laser ray to etch or mark objects of different sizes and materials. We use a computer system to control the motion of the laser over the etched surface. Basically, it’s really high-tech stuff. And yeah, you can actually see your device being etched live.

Where can I see your latest work?

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Get inspired and it's your turn to stand out from the crowd!!!

How long does it take?

In general, it takes about 15 minutes. For complex creations, our specialist will give you an estimate. Take a coffee break, come back and it’s ready!

What kind of graphics can be etched?

Texts, graphics, photos, illustrations... In other words, just about anything you can think of
(jpg, gif, bmp, ai, eps, etc).

Are etchings

Yes, so don’t be worried that your engravings will fade away over time.
Your money will be well invested.

Is it exclusive?

You bet. Next time you use your cell phone, pull out your iPod or set up your laptop, we guarantee someone will ask you about it.

Is etching safe for my device?

Of course it is. Our cool staff consists of real laser experts. Besides, laser etching is just a surface treatment. Because the laser never penetrates the device’s case, it doesn’t harm the internal components. Most manufacturers treat etched designs as surface scratches and honor their warranties accordingly. But, you may want to check with your manufacturer if you have any doubts.

Why should I etch
my products?

Because when you look around, everyone has an iPod or a cell phone just like yours. We offer professional etching services to customize your devices, just the way you like it. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg. And if that’s not enough, your etched devices are less likely to be stolen because they are customized to you.

What kind of stuff can I etch on?

We etch just about anything from iPods to cell phones to notebooks and even denims or shoes! Name it and we can etch it!